The chance for your child to be a STAR!


Build your confidence as you present yourself to a large audience!


Hone your personality as you interact with the team, judges and fellow contestants!!


Showcase your talent on stage whether it is singing, dancing, painting, speech, debate or anything else! This year, we've added the Spelling Bee, Lego Building & Art Competition too!


Enhance your stage presence since you will be on stage multiple times during the different rounds!


Kids Star Pageant 2019


Unique opportunity for your child to be a star on stage! Every child is a winner!!

Kids from age 0-12 can participate!

Trophies for all our super stars!

Ethnic Wear and Western Wear Round. Talent Round for kids 5 years and up.

Crown & Sash for the winners!

self-confidence is the  foundation  of all
great success and achievement

– brian tracy

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